BasinMod 2018 Announcement

In today's petroleum industry environment, gaining a better understanding of company assets becomes a critical objective.  It is important to not only understand the science but also understand the risks in order to avoid reaction to negative financial or economic news that may derail carefully planned exploration strategies.  Now may be the time to review and modify the exploration strategy. 

Platte River Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce the new release of its BasinMod Petroleum Systems Suite now called BasinMod 2018.  The BasinView and BasinMod Risk programs have been rewritten and are now closely integrated with BasinMod allowing easy analysis of uncertainty during the course of basin evaluation.  The remodeled, simplified and integrated Petroleum System Suite is more useful than ever before. 

Product integration in BasinMod 2018 simplifies the workflow and provides users a single software package to complete the essential steps of the workflow.

  •         BasinMod for  petroleum systems analysis of conventional and unconventional plays
  •         BasinView for mapping and migration
  •         BasinModRisk for Stochastic modeling to analyze uncertainty
  •         PetroAnalyst for play fairway evaluation and spatial analysis of geologic risk

Improved user experience

  •         Updated interface for a simplified user experience and workflow
  •         Multi-core processing for increased speed
  •         64-bit application for handling larger data sets
  •         Drag and drop capabilities (grids, spreadsheets, shapefiles, etc.)
  •         Well tops / models / logs, point and polygon shapefiles, and spreadsheets can easily be incorporated directly into the project
  •         Context-sensitive editing of graphs and maps
  •         Built-in PowerPoint generator

Enhanced gridding in BasinView

  •         Exploratory Data Analysis tools allow identification and editing of outliers and data QC
  •         Grid-to-grid manipulation allows for well log or measured data to be converted to different values; time-depth conversion
  •         Generate derivative maps for modelling slope and flexure
  •         Extend or crop grids to fit the area of interest
  •         Smoothing and decimation to remove small inconsistencies
  •         Auto isopach/isochore tool


The new BasinMod 2018 Petroleum Systems software will soon be available on the PRA website.