Model the volume of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion through time for multiple wells.  Both conventional and unconventional resource plays can be modelled.  A wide range of other values are modeled including maturity, porosity, permeability, pressure and temperature, all of which can be used to further analyze the petroleum system.

Burial History:

  • Model complex stratigraphy, including unconformities
  • Select from several calculation methods for compaction, porosity, and permeability
  • Model porosity by mechanical, fluid flow, or chemical compaction
  • Mix lithology or mineral components to create an unlimited number of custom lithologies
  • Model changes in formation thickness due to salt or shale movement (diapirs).

Diagenesis and Pressure:

  • Calculate pore fluid pressure to predict the timing and/or depth of abnormal pressure regions as well as subsequent fracturing
  • Enhance porosity reduction by means of quartz cementation in sand and smectite-illite conversion in shales.

Map of Methane Adsorbed at STP

Thermal History:

  • Model thermal maturation and predict timing of hydrocarbon generation/expulsion
  • Model basement heat flow, radiogenic heat flow, and rifting heat flow
  • Vary surface temperature and heat flow through time.


  • Drag and drop logs in LAS format
  • Display logs adjacent to stratigraphy column for formation top editing
  • Pick porosity points from a porosity log for use in calibration.

Source Rock Organic Richness:

  • Determine Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from logs of resistivity and porosity
  • Calculate Initial TOC


  • Use several maturity indicators for calibration, such as %Ro, TMAX, TAI, and CAI.
Kinetic modelling of hydrocarbon generation:
  • Model one component of oil and gas using simple LLNL kinetics or organofacies kinetics (Pepper and Corvi, 1995).
  • Model multiple components of oil, gas, and residue using compositional kerogens
  • Access a library of kerogens compiled from literature including multiple variants of Types I, II, and III.


  • Estimate the amount of surface erosion using a sonic travel time log.


  • Spatially display any calculated or measured value using a variety of color and contour options
  • Display shapefiles of cultural or hydrographic data
  • Display radar plots which compare several calculated values against an ideal case
  • Generate standard and continuous color burial history plots
  • Plot any calculated value versus time or depth
  • Plot any calculated value or measured data against any value or data
  • Generate log-log cross-plots
  • Display geochemical logs of pyrolysis data.

Fundamentals of BasinMod Movies (username required):

Petroleum System Plot

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