BasinMod Modules

BasinMod allows the user to model the volume of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion through time for multiple wells for both conventional and unconventional resource plays.  A wide range of other values are modeled including maturity, porosity, permeability, pressure and temperature, all of which can be used to further analyze the petroleum system. In addition to the capabilities already present in BasinMod, the current release of BasinMod further aids the user in quickly solving problems for both unconventional and conventional resource plays. For more on BasinMod please click here.

Time Trigger Map: Time to Mid Mature

New capabilities include:

  • Maps of all calculated and measured values
  • Trigger Maps – Depth to or age of a specified occurrence
  • Mineral mixes
  • Erosion Estimator
  • Pore pressure predictions and excess pressure
  • TOC, Initial TOC, HI, TMax
  • Porosity, generated hydrocarbon volumes
  • Expanded Heat Flow database
  • Log cross-plots
  • Improved log display/selection




Isotherms showing variation of Methane
Adsorption Potential for a range of TOC values

Unconventional Resource Module

Unconventional resource plays differ from conventional plays with respect to the problems to be solved and the parameters to be considered.  In these plays, organic shales must be assessed both as source rocks and reservoirs.  Source rocks with  great potential will not be economically viable if they aren’t producible. The URM for BasinMod provides specifically designed capabilities to evaluate these parameters. For more on the features of URM please click here.


Sequence Stratigraphy cross-section in New York showing correlation of Sequence Boundaries (red),
The Maximum Flooding Surface (cyan), and the System Tract (shaded blue)



BasinMod Bridge

Using Bridge, BasinMod models can be created by dragging and dropping various data from industry-standard data bases, such as Petra® or IHS® 297 into BasinMod.  All known incoming data formats are supported.  For more on the features of BasinMod Bridge please click here.